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Jan 24, 2013 7:00pm EST
that we chiefs are buying this is because they were appointed by mayors who were elected who are telling them precisely what to do. urban centers -- if i may finish -- urban centers are a liberal bastion. that is not result in warm and fuzzy feelings for the second amendment. >> that is where we see the massacres occurring is in places where guns are banned. you look over the past 20 years all the shooting massacres would occur in places where guns were banned. the ultimate hypocrisy that there is 1800 cops guarding our congressmen on any given day that is why these tragedies are occurring. [talking over each other] [talking over each other] lou: i think we can agree with this. it's a lot more complicated than that. i would say to both sides, do not oversimplify and let's maintain at least some intellectual discussion. mental health in the and the treatment is a relevant issue that should be discussed. these shootings are far more the responsibility of people who are mentally ill and who have not received appropriate treatment than they are of guns. >> go down the list. [talking over eac
FOX Business
Jan 22, 2013 7:00pm EST
as it does today in which very important election held in israel or following the inaugural of president obama and the testimony of secretary clinton. that's a con fluns of events unimaginable, but here it is. does this country seem to be projecting a certain knowledge of its interests and a clear set of policies that make sense to the rest of the world whether it be the middle east, north africa, europe, or asia? >> the government is delusional with issues related to islamist, islamist supremists. we had told again and again that the muslim brotherhood are different than al-qaeda. they are moderates. they are evolved. they are people we can work with. yet, look at the bottom line here. who wants the blind shake back? the demands being made again and again for the release of the terrorist we convicted in the 1990s of atrocities against the united states. the brotherhood and al-qaeda wants him back. what does the brotherhood do as soon as they get into power? impose sharia, what they said they would do and what al-qaeda wants to do. lou: at the very same time while egypt is in increasingl
FOX Business
Jan 23, 2013 7:00pm EST
the american people just two weeks before election day. what happened in benghazi, flew in the face of the narrative, the story told by this administration about after the death of osama bin laden. lou: if i may, susan rice, going out, senator mccain took note on september 15, on 5 sunday talk shows, the secretary today, was rather flip ant, i thought, in saying, going on sunday talk shows is not her favorite thing. as if that would be the first condition that would have to be met for her it tracy th addressn people, she assumed no responsibility, no engage. in the process, your thoughts? did she refuse to do so? and you know, how in the world do you deal with the reality a u.n. ambassador lied to the american people. >> my take on the sunday shows that president, white house, the campaign for president's reelection wanted a political operative on those talk shows that give a political message, not a real message, that had to do with our national security and terrorism in the world, susan rice was very willing to be that political operative, that is her history, that is the role sh
FOX Business
Jan 28, 2013 7:00pm EST
after the last election will not oppose it any longer. joining us now, manhattan institute fellow, city journal contributing editor to matter it -- heather macdonald. outright amnesty. those used to be fighting words in this country. they are no longer such? >> well, it is called probationary status, which is a euphemism for amnesty. immediately grants probationary status to the illegal aliens in the country, which grants them the right to be here until some future point. basically it's functional legalization. lou: as we believe, just about every one of those senators use the expression defacto amnesty. because of what is happening in this country in various states illegally year get mortgages in many states and originate with a lot of banking institutions, major institutions. it is the fact no amnesty. it is a reality that is being recognized, apparently now by both parties. lou: that is an interesting point, and it undercuts the notion that illegal aliens living in the shadows. in fact, this is not so onerous of conditions. a problem with official amnesty is the moral hazard problem.
FOX Business
Jan 25, 2013 7:00pm EST
the chairman after losing both the white house and ten seats in congress to democrats in that 2012 election. his job as head of the national party even as lenient -- louisiana's popular governor and from a republican both cried out for the party's revitalization, new ideas, and the voices. obama administration stalwart treasury secretary gagger and secretary of state clinton bidding farewell to the administration. clinton finally this week testifying on benghazi, trying to explain away one of the administration's biggest failures. another week in which president obama has dispatched vice-president biden to campaign against the second amendment. the president's inaugural this week. next week he launches his campaign for comprehensive immigration reform. next week senator kerry to be confirmed as the next secretary of state as early as tuesday. the president's nominee to replace the outgoing defense secretary, leon panetta, this week maintaining a low profile. secretary panetta competing for media and public attention when he made a surprise announcement as he lifted the ban on female troops
FOX Business
Jan 21, 2013 7:00pm EST
base wanted to hear, what the people who elected him wanted to hear. he's tired of trying to make nice nice with the congress. he wanted to say what he believes. lou: are you saying to hell with republicans is what was in his mind? to hell with half of the country that didn't vote for him? >> this is his vision of the country. i think he wants to be the liberal answer to reagan. >> michael? >> well, if he's tired of working with congress, he didn't have the energy to start with then because he didn't try very hard, and this did strike me, lou, as a kind of joyless event today. i mean, there was a -- of course he's somewhat somber, sort of transfer of power, queue you know in herely, but in reality, there was a scolding tone to a lot of this speech, and it's just this america has failed, america has not lived up to these ideals. that's the undercurrent. i mean, i find that disheartening because i think this is the greatest country, and for him to lecture us we're not good enough, it's demoralizing. lou: it -- your comment about joy, not much of it was evident to me either. there were pi
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)